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HP Takes to YouTube

Letterman's job remains safe as HP goes to top 10 list hijinks on sever virtualization management

Is server virtualization sprawl a laughing matter? Do the pains of IT platform architects and administrators matter so little that world's largest technology company by revenue can poke fun at their daily challenges?

Apparently so. Taking a page from late-night comedians -- and the expected viral repurposing effects of such blogs like Huffington Post -- HP's virtualization marketers have swapped speeds-and-feeds brochures for self-deprecating cheap shots at corporate polyester ties.

It's all in the name of educating the IT community on virtualization best practices, and for the most part it works. [Disclosure: HP is a sponsor of BriefingsDirect podcasts.] Not as well as my podcasts, mind you, but it works.

Posted on YouTube, HP with its "HPEN Top Ten," clip has spoofed the satirists. Usually Top Ten lists apply to areas of politics or entertainment -- but, honestly, most of the IT departments I've visited have plenty of both. So it's actually quite appropriate after all.

The next thing you know chubby, white, middle-aged bald guys will be stereotyped as IT industry analysts.

Starring Shay Mowlem, Strategic Marketing Lead, HP Software & Solutions, (as the sidekick musician), the video also features Mark Leake, Director, Portfolio & Executive Content, HP Software Products.

And what makes our dynamic duo fun and interesting to watch? None other than the "Top Ten Reasons that Customers Need HP Virtualization Management Solutions" ...

10) They have no idea how many virtual machines (VMs) they have

9) They have more management tools than staff

8) It takes 2 minutes to provision a VM and 2 weeks to provision its storage

7) They're drowning in new platforms and technologies

6) Virtual machines are up; user satisfaction is down

5) They are experiencing backup traffic jams in their network

4) Their VMs have gone prime time

3) They can't tell which business service their VM is supporting

2) Their auditors are starting to ask questions

1) Because VMware, Citrix, Microsoft and all the other partners say so

The video is better than the read, I have to say, but only virtually so. Check it out. And let me know, honestly, wouldn't you prefer the speeds-and-feeds brochures again?

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